If you want something similar to Spotlight on Mac OS X or the Google Deskbar on Windows (but less intrusive), visit the Deskbar homepage, download and install.

This small, neat application allows you to search for whatever you are looking for on your system, and across on the web using ALL of the installed search plug-ins you have installed in Firefox, configure hot-keys and much more.  It also integrates with Google and Yahoo live searches. 

Basically you start typing into the input dialog in the panel and it starts searching and displaying suggestions for actions to execute with that keyword.

Packages are available for most of the popular distributions.

Also, this post was made with the excellent Firefox extension, Performancing… It’s stable, works great and integrates well.  Much better than the previous app I was using on Linux (Drivel).

If you are searching for a client to update your blog engine, be sure to check this application out.


Today’s interesting links

February 24, 2006

On Feb. 8th, 2006 Carson Systems held the one day conference "The Future of Web Applications." This workshop features some of the leading developers and designers in the web application space. Podcasts have been made available for all of the presentations. Also notes were compiled by many in attendance in various places. Great stuff!


Are you fustrated with the boot time of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution? Do you want to optimize this process and cut off some of the fat? Maybe you're somewhat interested in what happens after the GRUB or LILO bootloaders pass control to the kernel.

Look no further than Boot Chart. This great application was implemented after a challenge on one of the Red Hat development lists to visualize what happens during the boot process. My current start time runs around 1:27 – 1:30. (P4 2.66 laptop, 512mb ram Ubuntu Dapper… blah, blah – I will just post the chart!) I'm quite sure I could shave around 30 – 45 seconds off disabling some uneeded services at boot. I will post more information about this in a couple of days. Also, if you're using (are planning to use) Ubuntu Dapper, there is a nice page about this on the wiki.